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The Art of Giving

One Christmas, myself and the four children headed into the big city for some us time. We went to a huge mall and had a private visit with Santa. That was fun for the younger two and it was great to see the older two play along. The kids got a small treat from mom, we

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Autism Awareness

Purple and Yellow and Blue, OH MY

Another Awareness Day? Mom, I need a yellow t-shirt. It is Cancer Awareness Day. Mom, I need a purple tee for tomorrow. Guess what day it is? Green Day. I may appear to be exaggerating but, nope, I am not. Somewhere, wearing a coloured tee became an awesome way to spread awareness of a current

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Perhaps Christmas is more

Christmas decorations, parades, Santa at the mall, letters to the big guy, treats and candy, holiday concerts, Christmas music on the radio tons of Christmas movies and parties all season. All this goes on every year at this time. But let us not forget church, Advent readings, Christmas carols, pageants, food drives and toy drives.

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can Christ go Viral


Viral is a word heard so often. What do we see on social media that goes viral? A talking dog, someone’s funny misfortune caught on camera, stories of awesome good deeds. I see challenges such as “Love your spouse”, “a song from the 80s” and “proud to be a mom”. Let’s not forget the ever

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Valentines Day

Love for All

The ever popular calendar day is fast approaching―Valentines Day―and stores are selling flowers, candies, chocolate and adorable stuffed animals surrounded by cupids and pinks, reds and whites. I am okay with couples sharing this somewhat mushy day in all the ways they want and enjoy it. Parents even share in the day with their kids.

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Family Feud

The game show that is, not my house―never. In Family Feud, where two families compete to win cash and prizes, the host asks a survey question that was previously posed to a group of 100 people. “100 people surveyed― the top eight answers are on the board…” Some questions are funny and many answers as

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What would you do?

Melt downs in public happen with all little children at some point—in a mall, at a park, at church—when the average infant, toddler, becomes overwhelmed, screaming, crying and insisting or demanding their own way. The Multiple Exceptionalities child has them more and may have them well after the toddler phase. It does not look so

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God Timing

I am very lucky that my mom, who lives two hours away, is able to come to my house on buses and trains for a visit. I am so thankful that at 83 she is still in great physical and mental health. My siblings and I and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren love the

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The Storm

Today has been a day of rain off and on, with severe storm warnings and even the possibility of a tornado. As an adult I don’t really mind storms, but will stay tuned to news occasionally to make sure I am prepared.  As a mom to four kids with anxiety—just wow.  It is now that

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