What would you do?

Melt downs in public happen with all little children at some point—in a mall, at a park, at church—when the average infant, toddler, becomes overwhelmed, screaming, crying
and insisting or demanding their own way.

The Multiple Exceptionalities child has them more and may have them well after the toddler phase. It does not look so cute or acceptable to people without children and is often criticized by other parents.

Maybe some reading this think I may be overreacting, but let me tell you first hand, I am not. I have seen the “eye rolls”, have heard the whispers of others, and have even heard the odd comment like, “if that were my child”, or “ can she not control”. I have had cashiers and employees add their suggestions or admonishments to my child.

Let me say this. None of that helps. I am not being a lazy parent. I am not being an over indulgent parent nor am I being a mean parent. What am I being? I am being a parent who loves her children—the good, the bad and the ugly.
Meltdowns and arguments in public are not solved easily. Share on X
These are the things that make parenting a special needs child unique. I get them home or to the car or even a quiet spot and let them work through it. They may lose a privilege or have a time out, but most importantly we will have a hug and a cuddle that will reassure. Many outside factors contribute to said events.

Why do I write this?

It is for the parents out there who may not experience said meltdowns, or the younger adults who are not where I am, or the grandparents who perhaps parented differently than we do today.

Please don’t roll your eyes

Please don’t mutter and whisper to each other and please don’t offer advice or admonish my child. Just walk on by, keep doing your job, sipping your coffee, knowing that this too shall pass. Pray for me and my child that we may find peace to continue the outing and not have to go home screaming and kicking.

So next time you are the onlooker please remember this advice. To the others that have and do go through what I do, be reassured you are not alone. Just as Christ admonished the disciples and reminded him the children were just as important as the adults, let us too never forget that.

Pray for me and my child that we may find peace to continue Share on X

My Beautiful Kids!
My Beautiful Kids!

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