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canada eh

Canada, Eh!

It’s that time of the year again, the time we take to celebrate the birth of our nation. We turn our thoughts to all things Canadian; the noble Mounties on horseback dressed in their red serge splendour, the mighty moose, the fluffy beaver, the majestic Canadian goose, and of course, everyone’s favourite (and one of

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Take Time To Remember

Take Time to Remember

I am always interested this time of year to see the varying viewpoints on such things as whether or not to wear the poppy, how to “properly” wear the poppy, and are we condoning war if we take the time to publically gather and observe those two minutes of silence in remembrance of those who

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I Get it!

“ I get it.” Three little words. They don’t seem like much on their own but, when you put them together, they have the potential to change someone’s life. I heard those words and felt their impact after deciding to talk about my struggle with mental illness. The first time I shared my story, I

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Conflict, Sacrifice, Joy

To Freedom – Howard Evans Operation Market Garden was one of the boldest plans of World War Two. Thirty thousand British and American airborne troops were to be flown behind enemy lines to capture the eight bridges that spanned the network of canals and rivers on the Dutch/German border. [likebtn theme=”github” counter_type=”subtract_dislikes”] At the same

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Pondering Easter

One of my earliest childhood memories is of wearing a colourful, brand new outfit to church on Easter Sunday. My sister and I received these pretty dresses and bonnets, hand-made by our mom, every Easter while we were little. We felt beautiful, happy and loved. This may not be a very spiritual memory and some

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Strawberry Field(s) Forever

Update February 2017 – > YouTube feature video below Vision for Strawberry Field is to weave together educational, cultural, heritage and spiritual exploration in one bold, imaginative plan. Building on from the story of Strawberry Field, we want to create a vibrant visitor experience that inspires people today as much as the place inspired the

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Perhaps Christmas is more

Christmas decorations, parades, Santa at the mall, letters to the big guy, treats and candy, holiday concerts, Christmas music on the radio tons of Christmas movies and parties all season. All this goes on every year at this time. But let us not forget church, Advent readings, Christmas carols, pageants, food drives and toy drives.

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Valentines Day

Love for All

The ever popular calendar day is fast approaching―Valentines Day―and stores are selling flowers, candies, chocolate and adorable stuffed animals surrounded by cupids and pinks, reds and whites. I am okay with couples sharing this somewhat mushy day in all the ways they want and enjoy it. Parents even share in the day with their kids.

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The Book of Kells

On the small island of Lone, off the west coast of Scotland, a monastery was founded in the year 561 by Saint Columba, an Irish abbot and missionary. The abbey served as a base for spreading Christianity among the northern kingdoms of Scotland. It was an important political and religious institution until the early 9th

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Commemorative Salvation Army Coin Produced by the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom has issued a . A Royal Mint representative says that this is the first coin created by an official mint. The reverse design for this special coin was created by Laura Clancy, one of The Royal Mint’s talented designers. Laura’s design includes the familiar Salvation Army shield and

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Empress Sailing

Sunk in 14 minutes!

On the morning of May 29, 1914, the nation was shocked to learn that the Empress of Ireland had been rammed and, just 14 minutes later, sank into the St. Lawrence River. Of the 1,477 people on board, 1,012 died. Although the tragedy impacted the whole country, The Salvation Army bore the brunt of its blow,

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