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David and April McNeilly Pastors / Corps Officers

David and April McNeilly Pastors / Corps Officers

David and April love being officers in The Salvation Army. They both received a clear calling from God in their teen years, not knowing then the many adventures awaiting them. Raised by godly Salvation Army officer parents, David has had the privilege of travelling for much of his early life. As a child, David lived in France for four years, nearly losing his ability to speak English! As a teen, he graduated from high school in Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire). April was introduced to The Salvation Army as a child in rural Newfoundland when a neighbour began taking her to church.

David and April were married in London, Ontario. Prior to their officership, David worked as Key Accounts Manager for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and April worked at Mission Services London at their Women’s Emergency Shelter.

In addition to their studies from The Salvation Army College for Officer Training, David has an undergraduate degree from Concordia University in Commerce, while April holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Western University. Currently, both David and April are completing their Master’s Degrees in Theological Studies, David from Tyndale and April from the University of Toronto (Wycliffe). David is a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program, and April is a Certified Enneagram Instructor.

Looking back over their 20+ years of life as Salvation Army officers, David and April see God’s hand at work in wonderful ways. While ministering for seven years in Montreal, Quebec, David and April added to their family: Four beautiful daughters continue to be God’s precious gift to them. Taking these girls from Quebec to New Brunswick, then all the way to France, has been both rewarding and challenging.

Life in the stunning city of Paris, France, is among the most exciting of the McNeilly family adventures. “The six of us were like deer caught in headlights! We went from a city with a population of 120,000 to Greater Paris, a city of 11 million,” said April. “No one spoke English. All the chatter around us was French, Arabic or Mandarin.” (The McNeillys lived in the Chinese Quarter). The congregation was multicultural, with all socio-economic brackets present, from business men to homeless people. Going from a white, middle-class church in New Brunswick to a church with lots of Africans, Haitians, and other cultures was a powerful experience for the whole family. “The older Africans would greet us on Sunday morning with a kiss and a ‘Bonjour Mama (or Papa) Capitaine!’ which we learned was a wonderful sign of love and respect.”

David and April returned to Canada with their family in 2011 and ministered as Corps Officers/ Pastors of Kingston Citadel for seven years. David and April come to Oshawa Temple having completed their Territorial Headquarters appointments, where David served as Corps Ministries Secretary, and April as Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development.

David and April are both passionate about teaching God’s Word, seeing followers of Jesus become fully formed disciples, and seeing our neighbourhoods transformed by God’s love.

Victoria Reid - Youth Pastor The Salvation Army Oshawa

Victoria Reid – Youth Pastor

Victoria Reid is the Salvation Army Oshawa’s Youth Pastor as well as being a wife and mother. Victoria has a passion working with young people and a keen desire to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Victoria’s educational background is in child & youth studies with a diploma in early childhood education and a bachelor of arts in psychology. She considers it a privilege to be able to work with children, youth, and their families. She has felt blessed to call our church her family for many years, and looks forward to many more years of serving in this ministry.