God Timing

I am very lucky that my mom, who lives two hours away, is able to come to my house on buses and trains for a visit. I am so thankful that at 83 she is still in great physical and mental health. My siblings and I and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren love the fact that mom is still with us.

A visit for a statutory holiday and her birthday was set in place and the kids and I made plans—a visit to the zoo, a park for holiday celebrations and so on. But plans changed quickly when my 10-year-old daughter was taken to hospital by mommy for suspected appendicitis.

Turns out I was correct and my daughter was rushed in for an appendectomy. This was scary for her and nerve-racking for mommy. I waited in a huge, empty hospital waiting room at 2 a.m. by myself worrying and just wanting to be reunited with my child and know she is OK. Many prayers went up from myself, my mom and family and friends. My little Miss Moo came out of it well and we were home by dinnertime the next day.

Why do I say God Timing? Because good timing, fate and kismet don’t cut it. God had a plan. My moms’ visit meant she was there with the other kids, got them fed, got them looked after and was with them. Yes I could have, and did, have other options. But by God placing her in my home at the time, it was one less stress and worry for me.

God got me and the kids through this hurdle and had everything in place such as a stop earlier to the bank for cash (always needed at a hospital), a holiday where a friend was home and able to drop off clean clothes to the hospital and mom/nana right where she was needed.

God timing is comforting knowing He has us in His hands all the time.

I’m thankful my princess is on the mend and plans a visit to Nana’s house later in the summer to make up for missed-out on activities.

No one will ever convince me it was just lucky my mom was there. Nope. No way— ever!

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