The Storm


Today has been a day of rain off and on, with severe storm warnings and even the possibility of a tornado.

As an adult I don’t really mind storms, but will stay tuned to news occasionally to make sure I am prepared.  As a mom to four kids with anxiety—just wow.  It is now that I realize how they worry and panic. The three younger ones are much more anxious than my oldest.

School put all the children in a “lock down and hold” today.  While I appreciate the concern and safety for them, this has been an exhausting hurdle—adding to the panic.

As I write this, another storm is coming our way. My kids will worry about power and safety again.  I will reassure them, cuddle and hold them. This too shall pass, but makes for a long night.

At times like this I am reminded of how panicked Jesus’ disciples must have been in the midst of a storm in likely a small vessel. But they had Christ, the ultimate calmer.

My kids are my storm worries and I will follow Christ’s example—stay calm and get them through the storm.

I will teach the kids to be thankful that we are OK, and to be thankful for the awesomeness of the world God created, even the storms.


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