can Christ go Viral

Viral is a word heard so often. What do we see on social media that goes viral? A talking dog, someone’s funny misfortune caught on camera, stories of awesome good deeds. I see challenges such as “Love your spouse”, “a song from the 80s” and “proud to be a mom”. Let’s not forget the ever popular “ice bucket”. Some of these challenges include a “tag five friends” to get more people involved until one is constantly seeing their own social media flooded with the same posts from several friends.

Almost everyone has some form of social media such as Facebook, twitter or Instagram. It is an awesome way to get caught up with family and friends. We share jokes and stories and many get passed around so often that we see the stories over and over again. Many Christians have those in our lives who may not share our faith. That is awesome and what makes the world what it is. Perhaps this is a chance for outreach for many.

One Bag Challenge

I recently saw a challenge called fill the bag in The Salvationist magazine. Wow I thought, I can do this one. I took the younger kids shopping and they helped pick out groceries. We came home and took a picture of how proud they were. I posted it on my FB page and challenged five friends. You were to fill a bag with food items etc. then drop them off to your local food bank. I wanted this to go viral. I saw a few others do it as well. Truth be told―I was disheartened. How did this not viral amongst my friends.

Please understand as you read this I am not judging, but acts of kindness should go viral. But hey, it is ok if it did not. Who do I think should go Viral? Christ should go Viral. Yes He should. I am so guilty of not being part of the Christ social media movement. How do we change it? I don’t have all the answers, but I know what I will do. I will try and share a scripture every day, or an inspirational quote.

Those of us who have social media have a responsibility to make sure that what we share is true. We have a responsibility to live our lives on media that should be part of making Christ go viral. I cannot write this without reflecting on my own part and am now committed to making a change in my own social media. I will still put on posts about my kids and pets and a funny story or touching story, but at least once a day I will share Christ in some form. I am not perfect nor preachy, but I am honest.

I am not perfect nor preachy, but I am honest. Share on X

Let us all take an active part in making Christ Go Viral. It sure can’t hurt us to try.

I will share Christ.... Share on X

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