Have you ever stopped to think
How God loves you?
It sounds quite incredible, and yet it’s true.
Nothing on this earth or in the heavens above
Is as sure and certain as God’s love.

Oh, it’s as high as the sky and it’s as deep as the sea,
And it’s as wide as the world –
God’s love for you and for me.
We can’t escape His love,
Or take ourselves out of His care,
So where could we hide from His love?
His love is everywhere.

Everything is changing in the world today;
There’s one thing reliable in every way:
Other things may alter but it’s clear and plain
That the love of God is just the same.

Wider than the human mind can realise,
His love is unlimited and never dies;
Though we don’t deserve it, every day it’s new –
That’s the love of God for me and you.

John Gowans

John Gowans was born in Blantyre,Scotland, in 1934, the son of Salvation Army officers. As a young adult, he completed service in the UK Royal Army Educational Corps in Germany. He entered the S.A. Training College for officers in 1954. He held several appointments as a corps officer (pastor), followed by administrative work, including as a Divisional Youth Secretary and then as a Divisional Commander in the UK. He was Chief Secretary in France, working alongside his French-speaking wife, Gisele. Gowans was also Secretary for Program in the USA Western Territory, and Divisional Commander in Southern California. He was elected General of the worldwide Salvation Army in 1999, retiring in 2002.

gowans_larssonpicGeneral John Gowans (R) wrote the lyrics for numerous songs in the musicals on which he collaborated with General John Larsson (R), who wrote the music. Gowans was known as someone who truly cared for people and had a great capacity for friendship. He was promoted to Glory in December 2012. One can view a tribute to him on YouTube.

Everything is changing in the world today; There's one thing reliable in every way: Share on X
S.A. SONG BOOK, 1987 EDITION, #49; 2015 EDITION, #29

New tune: Composer Andrew Maycock


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