Sunday Songbook
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All have need of God’s salvation,
If with Him they’d live forever,
But a promise He has given –
It is written: whosoever.


Whosoever will may come,
And who comes to Him shall never
Disappointed turn away;
Praise the Lord – ’tis whosoever!

And this word it reaches nations;
Not the rich or learned or clever
Only shall by Him be rescued –
Oh, praise God! ’tis whosoever!

For the poor and brokenhearted
There’s a hope, and they need never
Have a fear about their coming,
For the Book says: whosoever.

To all kingdoms and all peoples
‘Tis the same, and shall be ever;
There’s no difference in the message,
But to all ’tis whosoever. 


One of the Salvation Army’s slogans is “Giving Hope Today”. Here’s a song about hope for the world of today – even though it was written one hundred years ago or more. The author, William McAlonan, was born in Ireland in 1863 and died in England in 1925, so, like many other hymnwriters, he lived through a World War and a flu epidemic – events in which hope was sorely needed. Just as it is now, in the global pandemic of 2020-2021! 

McAlonan first met the Salvation Army when he observed an open-air meeting in his hometown of Ligoniel in 1880. He was soon converted to Christ, and after two years he left his clerical job to train as a Salvation Army officer. William went on to serve in many varying capacities: in divisional administration, in the Trade Department and in other headquarters positions. He eventually became a territorial commander in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Holland. Following this, William McAlonan was appointed to be the Secretary for Missionary Countries and then to be Managing Director of the Salvation Army Assurance Society. His international experience must have contributed to his thoughts about “all kingdoms and all peoples” and his desire to communicate that God’s plan of salvation is for everyone – the whosoever!

S.A. SONG BOOK, 1987 EDITION, #824; 2015 EDITION, #405

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