The Shaggy Flower

One of the flowering plants at our house was spreading fast along the front garden, so we decided to uproot some of the stalks for transplanting.  We started digging at the end of the row and one flower lifted out, then another came with it, and one by one, more followed.  Each stalk was joined to the other at root level.  As we continued along the row, we discovered that one of the stalks had a deeper, bigger root.  It was firmer than the others and we decided that this must be where it all began—the original Bee Balm plant we had put in the ground a previous year.

Beth Julien - Bee PalmImages flooded into my mind as we worked away.  First, it reminded me that human beings are much the same.  We are connected to each other—wired for fellowship and community.  We pat our friends and family on the back and applaud during happy times, and then shed sorrowful tears when we see them suffering.   And we join churches, clubs and groups of all kinds, which brings a sense of contribution and togetherness.  Secondly, I saw our powerful God as the foundation and strong centre, the deep root and source of life, feeding and supporting us along our way—just like that original plant in our garden.

Beth-BeePalm-2Every aspect of nature has an action scene; this is one of my favorites. Bee Balm: an odd, yet fragrant and beautiful spreading plant with a variety of colourful blooms: as appealing to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as it is to humans. No wonder it brings such joy, storyline and character to our gardens….and to our lives!

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