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Beauty Yeast

Beauty & The Yeast

Baking bread is one of the least things I enjoy doing or I should say, the preparations for making bread–the mixing and especially the kneading (ugh). Nevertheless, I find myself up to my elbows in flour at least once or twice a year, particularly when special people come to visit. By “special” I refer to

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Valentines Day

Love for All

The ever popular calendar day is fast approaching―Valentines Day―and stores are selling flowers, candies, chocolate and adorable stuffed animals surrounded by cupids and pinks, reds and whites. I am okay with couples sharing this somewhat mushy day in all the ways they want and enjoy it. Parents even share in the day with their kids.

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Bell Lets Talk

This Broken Brain

My name is Cheryl and I’m engaged in a potentially life-long battle with mental illness. There it is, laid bare for all to read. It’s taken many years, but today I’m able to say those words, share my story and talk about an illness that has been kept “hush hush” for far too long. I’m

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Family Feud

The game show that is, not my house―never. In Family Feud, where two families compete to win cash and prizes, the host asks a survey question that was previously posed to a group of 100 people. “100 people surveyed― the top eight answers are on the board…” Some questions are funny and many answers as

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heart surgery

When Life Hit Hard

The summer of 2015 was a scary time for our family. My husband went for a stress test, failed it within the first minute and was taken immediately to the hospital for very serious heart surgery. What a shock for our whole family! All I could think of, besides “Oh, the poor guy!” was, ‘What

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The Salvation Army Canada

What Motivates The Salvation Army?

Isn’t it wonderful to see lives transformed, people given a second chance to live up to their potential? For many Canadians that seems like just a dream, something impossible to attain. The Salvation Army believes there is hope, that with a little help anyone can turn their lives around and dig their way out of

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Christmas Bible

How much of Christmas is Biblical?

The world is busy preparing for a holiday called Christmas. We receive gifts we would not ordinarily receive. We will enjoy time off work and school. Many will receive a Christmas bonus; all because Jesus had a birthday. I invite you to revisit five traditions and customs of Christmas with me this year. 1. Gift

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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Given the roots of many customs and traditions, is it wrong for Christians to celebrate Christmas? Should we ban Father Christmas? Stop buying gifts? Refuse to send Christmas cards? Throw out the tree? Not necessarily. There are three things we should bear in mind: There is nothing sacred about the day. No one knows the

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The Book of Kells

On the small island of Lone, off the west coast of Scotland, a monastery was founded in the year 561 by Saint Columba, an Irish abbot and missionary. The abbey served as a base for spreading Christianity among the northern kingdoms of Scotland. It was an important political and religious institution until the early 9th

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We Will Remember Them

“Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for his friends” – John 15:13. We are all familiar with them―slogans and sayings that appear this time of year. Lest we forget, we will remember; if you enjoy your freedom, thank a Veteran; if you don’t stand behind our troops then

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Lion Chasers

In his book, In A Pit With A Lion on A Snowy Day, unpacks the confrontation in 2 Samuel 23: 20-23 and I want to acknowledge his inspiration and recommend his writings. The Chase While we were in Tanzania, we worked closely with a tribe called the Maasai. Their history is that of a warrior

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What would you do?

Melt downs in public happen with all little children at some point—in a mall, at a park, at church—when the average infant, toddler, becomes overwhelmed, screaming, crying and insisting or demanding their own way. The Multiple Exceptionalities child has them more and may have them well after the toddler phase. It does not look so

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