All That I Am

All That I AM

All that I am, all I can be,
All that I have, all that is me,
Accept and use, Lord, as You would choose, Lord,
Right now, today.

Take every passion, every skill,
Take all my dreams and bend them to Your will;
My all I give, Lord; for You I’ll live, Lord,
Come what may.

1)Often I come with my problems and cares,
Running to You when distressed,
But I must bring You the whole of my life –
Lord, I must give You my best.

2)Life has no purpose unless it is Yours;
Life without You has no goal;
All that fulfils me is doing Your will,
Knowing that You’re in control.

Bill Himes wrote this song while coping with the terminal cancer diagnosis of his first wife when their two children were still quite young. Such surrender to God’s will he demonstrates! Such a challenge to all of us to do the same, whatever our circumstances!
Bill is a much-respected, well-loved Salvation Army musician in the United States. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music at the University of Michigan, and taught in public schools there, as well as being an adjunct lecturer at the university. He has toured worldwide as a conductor, composer, lecturer, clinician and euphonium soloist. Bill was the S.A.’s Territorial Music Director in the U.S.A. Central Territory, and Bandmaster of the Chicago Staff Band from 1977 until his retirement in 2015. He has devoted his life to S.A. music, and is particularly encouraging to young people, having given countless summer weeks to leading them at music camps in the U.S. as well as outside it. It isn’t only his musical expertise that Bill gives, but his spiritual insight and reassurance of strong faith in Jesus. This song was first published as a songster (choir) selection, but like some others, it has been included in the 2015 Song Book for congregational use.

S.A. SONG BOOK, 2015 EDITION, #568
Cornet Soloist Ju Eun Lee Age 15
Pianist Her twin sister Ju Yeung Lee was born with no right hand.

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