To be like Jesus!
This hope possesses me;
In every thought and deed,
This is my aim, my creed;
To be like Jesus!
This hope possesses me;
His Spirit helping me,
Like Him I’ll be.

John Gowans

This simple chorus, written by General John Gowans for the musical, Spirit , continues to inspire followers of Jesus to try to emulate Him. Two verses were written also, but are not included in the Song Book. The lilting, moving music by General John Larsson brings the lyrics into our hearts. Of course, we all have different personalities, yet we can allow our thoughts and actions to be influenced by what we know of Jesus Christ. We can surrender to Him and follow His leadings in our individual, twenty-first century, earthly lives. John Gowans was known as someone who was “like Jesus”.

The following is an excerpt from The New Frontier Chronicle , January 22, 2013 – a tribute to John Gowans by Commissioner James Knaggs, after Gowans’ Promotion to Glory in December 2012.

“Who is this man of God with the dynamic, creative edge that captivated persons and crowds of all cultures and backgrounds? He is legendary. Controversial yet compassionate, imaginative and inspirational, extraordinary and extravagant, divinely discerning and humanly holy. He is my friend as he is a leader with distinction.

Shall we be like him? I don’t doubt that he would say, ‘Don’t do it.’ And he would be right, as there is the one and only John Gowans. He would bid us be like Jesus. That’s what he was doing, and showing. He demonstrated that it’s absolutely possible ‘to be like Jesus.’ We can even do it in the context of our own lives, just like John.”

S.A. SONG BOOK, 1987 EDITION, CHORUS #107; 2015 EDITION, #328


A video tribute to General John Gowans who was Promoted to Glory on December 8th 2012. We look back at the life of General John Gowans and hear from the people who knew him best, including Commissioner Gisele Gowans, General John Larsson and Commissioner Norman Howe.

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