In Deeper Consecration


In the depths of my soul’s greatest longing,
I am coming, dear Saviour, to Thee,
Offering each thought and deed for refining;
Let Thy touch now descend upon me.

Draw me close to Thee in deeper consecration;
Wash me, Lord, and cleanse my soul
From fear and dross;
Sanctify me with the fire of Thy indwelling
As I tarry in the shadow of the cross.

Grant me patience to wait love’s bestowal
As I seek for that blessing divine;
Quicken each inner wish with Thy power,
Till my will becomes blended with Thine.

With the saints, I am now comprehending
Higher heights, deeper depths of Thy love;
Serving Thee with a heart of compassion,
Day by day my devotion to prove.

Many readers may not know that this song’s author, Margaret Lodge MacMillan, was the mother of Canada’s retired Territorial Commander, Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan. Margaret was born in Bell Island, NL in September 1923. Her parents, Major and Mrs. J.N. Lodge, served as officers in Newfoundland for many years, and that is where Margaret received her education. After graduating as a nurse from the Salvation Army’s Grace General Hospital in St. John’s in 1946, she moved to Montreal, where her father was by then living, and where her mother had recently passed away. Margaret wrote: “I felt a vast emptiness on arrival home, due to the loss, a large new city and hospital environments to become accustomed to. I consequently reached further to fill the void. My words were penned at that time.” The song was first sung in three-part harmony by Margaret, her brother and sister on radio, from a youth rally in Montreal. A later tune was composed by Brindley Boon, and the selection was published in The Musical Salvationist in April 1967.

Margaret Lodge MacMillan, was the mother of Canada’s retired Territorial Commander, Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan Click To Tweet

Margaret married Wallace MacMillan, and they lived for a time in Montreal, attending Montreal Citadel Corps. Later years found them in Toronto, where Margaret contributed to the North Toronto Corps as organist for several years. She returned to her nursing career, and spent 12 years working on programmes and services related to cancer. She made presentations to government departments and industry on the early detection of cancer, and worked with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Princess Margaret Hospital, known for its care of cancer patients.

S.A. SONG BOOK, 1987 EDITION, #493; 2015 EDITION, #712

An audio song arrangement
In Deeper Consecration

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