Thou Art The Way


Thou art the way – none other dare I follow;
Thou art the truth, and Thou hast made me free;
Thou art the life, the hope of my tomorrow;
Thou art the Christ who died for me.
This is my creed that, ‘mid earth’s sin and sorrow,
My life may guide men unto Thee.

Hold Thou my feet; let there be no returning
Along the path which Thou hast bid me tread;
Train Thou my mind – I would be ever learning
The better way Thy fame to spread;
Keep Thou my heart ablaze with holy burning
That love for souls may ne’er be dead.

I would bring peace to lives now torn asunder,
Ease aching hearts with words that soothe and heal;
I would bring peace when, breaking like the thunder,
Men rise in war, and hatred feel.
Peacemaker, Lord! Now I am stirred to wonder;
O take me, and my calling seal!

All Christians today would do well to pray these words written by Archibald Wiggins, a Salvation Army officer. Wiggins grew up in England, attending a Methodist church but later becoming a Salvationist. Like many young people of his day, he began work at age thirteen and then became Assistant Secretary at London’s Connaught Club. When he was twenty-one he entered the S.A. Training College at Clapton. Most of his appointments were in editorial work – clearly his strength. He also enjoyed music, and was a Songster before his officership and at one time was a member of the International Staff Band.

Arch Wiggins retired as a Lieut.-Commissioner in 1959. He had written over 250 songs, and contributed at least one song annually to The Musical Salvationist , a publication for Songster Brigades. He also found time to write several S.A. historical and biographical books.

S.A. SONG BOOK, 1987 EDITION, # 529; 2015 EDITION, # 628

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