God of Comfort


God of comfort and compassion,
God of wisdom, grace and power,
Hear our earnest intercession
In this quiet evening hour.
Strengthen all who fight Thy battles
In this land and lands afar;
Be companion, friend and shepherd
Whereso’er Thy children are.

Some we love bear heavy burdens,
Some have wandered from the way;
Be their guide, and their deliverer,
Heavenly Father, now we pray.
O’er our world so filled with sorrow,
Fear and hunger, pain and strife,
Shed Thy light of hope and mercy,
Gift of love, eternal life.

Sovereign Lord, we bow before Thee,
Thou art merciful and kind;
Our petitions now presenting,
All we need in Thee we find.
Lord, we seek Thy strength, Thy guidance,
And the Holy Spirit’s dower;
Grant Thy fortitude and courage
In temptation’s threatening hour.

May Thy grace and peace o’ershadow
Those for whom we pray tonight;
May Thy mighty arm uphold them;
They are precious in Thy sight.
Lord, for answered prayer we thank Thee;
Thou art good in all Thy ways;
With thanksgiving we adore Thee;
Fill our hearts with love and praise.

There is much guidance exemplified here on how to pray according to the will of our Heavenly Father. Lt.-Col. Doris Rendell wrote over 100 songs for The Salvation Army Song Book,The Musical Salvationist and other publications. A recurring theme is the request for God’s strength in helping to grow His Kingdom on Earth. Another frequent subject of Rendell’s songs is her prayer for those whose lives are full of suffering and difficulty.

Another frequent subject of Rendell’s songs is her prayer for those whose lives are full of suffering and difficulty. Click To Tweet

Doris Rendell was born in Yorkshire, England in 1896. Her father was an officer who worked with General William Booth in some of his meetings in North Scotland. Doris came to know Jesus as a child. Moving to London, she was active in the Regent Hall Corps, while working in her country’s Ministry of Health. Eventually she became a Salvation Army officer and served in both corps and administrative appointments. She died in 1990, having led a full life, no doubt depending on prayer to nurture and empower her.

There is much guidance exemplified here on how to pray Click To Tweet
S.A. SONG BOOK, 1987 EDITION, #576; 2015 EDITION, #755

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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is September 30th


The Salvation Army Oshawa acknowledges the many Indigenous nations with longstanding relationships with the territories upon which our Church and our Community & Family Services are located. We acknowledge the land is covered under the Williams Treaties, and is part of the traditional territories of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.

These ancestral and treaty lands; the present-day home to many First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people is where we meet, share hope, and build community.

We reflect on knowing the history of these lands has been tainted by poor treatment and a lack of friendship with the First Nations who call them home. We are treaty people, it is our privilege to build relationships through reconciliation.

While we cannot undo the past, we are committed to a different future and doing our part to contribute to an equitable, just, and grace-filled society.