In this quiet moment, still, before Your throne,
Conscious of Your presence, knowing I am known,
In this quiet moment, set my spirit free;
In this quiet moment, make a better me!

Like some other songs in the “new” 2015 Song Book, this was first a Songster selection. Its simplicity carries a depth of meaning which the melody meets perfectly, stirring the heart. The words are by John Gowans, noted for his lyrics in many Salvation Army musicals and eventually becoming General. Gowans was Promoted to Glory in 2012. /

Ivor BosankoThe lovely music is by Ivor Bosanko, a noted Salvation Army composer, who wrote for both vocal and brass groups. In fact, this little song is part of a full band selection of the same title. Bosanko was born in Cardiff, Wales, and attended the Royal Welsh College of Music. He was Bandmaster at Cardiff Canton Corps. In 1975 he moved to the United States to become the Divisional Music Director in the Pendel Division of the Eastern Territory. Bosanko moved to California in 1979, becoming the Territorial Music Secretary for the Western Territory. Ivor and his wife, Janette, contributed much to young people at music camps and workshops. They were known for caring deeply about people’s spiritual lives, while using music as a means for spiritual health and growth. Ivor Bosanko retired in 2001.

S.A. SONG BOOK, 2015 EDITION, #595

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