The Power of Your Love


Lord, I come to You,
Let my heart be changed, renewed,
Flowing from the grace that I found in You.
And Lord, I’ve come to know,
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be stripped away by the power of Your love.

Hold me close,
Let Your love surround me;
Bring me near, draw me to Your side;
And as I wait, I’ll rise up like the eagle,
And I will soar with You –
Your Spirit leads me on in the power of Your love.

Lord, unveil my eyes,
Let me see You face to face –
The knowledge of Your love as You live in me.
Lord, renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life,
In living every day in the power of Your love.

Geoff BullockGeoff Bullock was born in Sydney, Australia in 1955 and grew up in the Presbyterian Church. In his teen years, he played in several “garage bands”. Following his schooldays, he became a television cameraman. Only as a twenty-three-year-old did Geoff become a committed Christian. This occurred when his many friends from teenage years became keen in what was termed a “pentecostal awakening” and the now famous Hillsong Church emerged. Eventually Geoff Bullock became a pastor at that church. However, in 1995, he felt the need to be apart from that atmosphere and think on his own, so he left Hillsong. He says he may have “burnt out”, and that now he has become a different person with a divergent style and theology.

In his teen years, he played in several garage bands. Click To Tweet

Bullock says that although his songs are about worship, worship itself is a very different thing, just as love is not the same as a love song. He has said, “I think worship is far more your response and your meditation and being confronted by what it means to receive grace and forgiveness from God.”

Geoff Bullock has spoken of his mental health issues, and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He once experienced high levels of anxiety, but ten years later felt that he had learned to manage his illness. He has said this was because he had gained insight into what he thinks and does, by reflecting on his past. He also said The Power of Your Love and others of his songs influenced him in his later life as he tried to live out the thoughts he’d written. How wonderfully God has used this man to inspire people around the world with his songs!

Geoff Bullock has spoken of his mental health issues, and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder Click To Tweet
S.A. SONG BOOK, 2015 EDITION, #601


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