I Dare to Be Different


I dare to live the life of faith,
The life of challenge God has planned:
Of holiness and victory,
For truth and righteousness to stand.

I dare to be different, I dare to believe;
I dare to be different, God’s Spirit receive;
I dare to be different, my life sacrificed;
I dare to be different by living like Christ.

I dare to ask the Spirit, come,
To match with power my heart’s desire,
My life to cleanse and energise
With mighty pentecostal fire.

I dare to want to live like Christ,
According to His will and way;
His love to know, compassion share,
And serve Him boldly every day.

Most congregations would have difficulty singing this song, as it has mainly been used as a selection for Songsters (Salvation Army choirs), and contains some unusual rhythms. However, it has been included in the 2015 Song Book, and some readers will be familiar with it and can enjoy singing along! The energy of the singers can rekindle our desire to live differently from the world around us, and more the way Jesus lived.

The lyrics writer, Commissioner Harry Read, entered the International Training College from Edinburgh Gorgie Corps in 1947. He served in several British corps and divisional appointments and on the staff of the International Training College, eventually becoming its Principal from 1978-81. While on staff at the college, he wrote a number of songs for the annual commissioning of cadets. Commissioner Read was also director of Information Services at International Headquarters from 1972-75, Chief Secretary in Canada and Bermuda from 1981-84, and Territorial Commander in Eastern Australia from1984-87. His last appointment before retirement was as a British Commissioner.

The composer of the music, Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek, is a Salvation Army officer from the Netherlands. He has served in a number of countries in Europe, as well as at International Headquarters, and had the honour of being a candidate for election as General of the Salvation Army in 2011.

S.A. SONG BOOK, 2015 EDITION, #321


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