As we come in prayer before You
We with gratitude would say:
Thank You, Father, for the family
Where each member learns to pray.
Even we, Lord, Your dear children,
Know what family life can mean
When each one keeps close beside You,
And the love of Christ is seen.

For our special Army family
We would bring our thankful prayer
And we, humbly, Lord, would ask You
Now to keep us in Your care.
As You guide and lead us forward
Help us every day to pray
For each other and our leaders
Serving in Your world today.

In our prayers we must remember
That our family is worldwide,
For all people are Your children
And the ones for whom You died.
So no selfish prayer we offer,
But to You we gladly bring
All who live here on this planet;
May we serve You as our King.

Around the Salvation Army world at this time of year (February to May), most corps are involved in Partners in Mission/ Self-Denial. This effort coincides with the Christian Church’s observance of Lent, as one may choose to deny oneself a particular item and donate the money saved to contribute to a fund to spread the Gospel. Although this concept began as a missionary effort, nowadays Salvationists in every country contribute sacrificially as they are able, working together as partners for the Lord.

Author Alan Bateman is a retired Salvation Army Lt.-Colonel who served in several capacities: pastoral, administrative, training and editorial. When he retired, he had been the UK Territory’s Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Secretary from 2000 to 2005. In 2008, Bateman’s book, They Gave Their Lives, was published. The book honours Salvationists who gave their lives, some as martyrs, and some simply dying in action, in service for Christ.

S.A. SONG BOOK, 2015 EDITION, #743

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